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    Alberta PNP Program

    The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program, a relatively recent program, was launched in 2019. It has been very active since its launch. Many skilled professionals have enjoyed the PNP stream and the many benefits that it brings to their lives.

    Scores from the Alberta provincial nominee program points calculation scores determine who will be granted the Notification Of Interest (NOI to Apply). Express Entry Stream is linked with Federal Express Entry Program. There is no separate AINP points calculator to select candidates. Applicants who score 67 out of 100 on the Alberta Immigrant Program Point Calculator are eligible to apply for AINP.

Express Entry Process for Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

It is easy and simple to get provincial nominations for Alberta. The potential immigrant will be granted the nomination after completing all required paperwork. This will automatically add 600 CRS points to their application and will ultimately guarantee selection in the express entry draws. Once the points are received, the applicant can create their profile and fill in all necessary information.

How the AINP Selects Express Entry Candidates

After receiving a Notification Of Interest (NOI), a letter from Alberta, foreign nationals cannot apply for the Alberta Express Entry stream. The AINP will contact eligible candidates directly through their Express Entry profile.

Only Express Entry candidates who have received an invitation or NOI letter by the AINP are eligible to submit a nomination for provincial nomination under Alberta Express Entry Stream.

The AINP will choose candidates based upon the self-declared information provided in Express Entry profiles.

    If candidates:
  • Maintain an active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool.
  • I have expressed an interest in permanent immigration to Alberta.
  • Working in an industry that supports Alberta's economic diversification and development.
  • A minimum CRS score of 300 is required.
  • The AINP will also be more likely to choose candidates with adaptability factors. Candidate must:
  • You must have a valid Alberta job offer, work experience, and/or
  • You must be a graduate from an Alberta post-secondary institution and have a valid Alberta job opportunity.
  • To apply for the program, candidates must be notified by email.
  • These factors could decrease your chances of receiving an NOI Letter:
  • Express Entry profiles that expire in less than three (3) months.

Do You Want to Work in a Profession?

The online Government of Canada Refusal List for a Labour Market Impact Assessment lists the High- and Low-wage Occupations in Alberta.

On the Alberta Opportunity Stream Ineligible Occupations List; or this stream has a high number of submissions from all AINP streams. You might be looking for Nova Scotia Points Calculator.

Six selection factors are included in this point system: age, education, and work experience. Language ability, adaptability, and arranged job.

Alberta Points of Calculator

Express Entry Stream is streamlined to the Federal Express Entry Program. There is no separate AINP points calculator that can be used for selecting candidates. Those with 67 points out of 100 are eligible for AINP.

Educational Qualification: Maximum 55 points.

Your education factor will earn you points. Alberta welcomes only educated workers who are able to contribute positively to the Canadian economy. You will receive more points for higher education qualifications.

Language Skills: Maximum 6 Points.

Canada is bilingual and has both English and French as its official languages. The English language is a must-know language. Points are awarded for proficiency in English and French, which is the first official language.

Work Experience: Maximum 15 Points.

Your work experience is a reflection of your abilities and expertise. An individual with a good amount of work experience indicates that they are among highly-trained personnel who are ready to face business challenges and work problems.

Maximum 15 points for Work Experience (Agewise).

Productivity is directly linked to age. The more vibrant a person is, the more effort he/she puts into economic development. Alberta places a lot of importance on the age factor.

How Can You Get Additional Points on the Alberta PNP Points Calculator?

You can earn additional points through two methods: the Alberta immigrant nominee point calculator

  • You can move with your Spouse, and you can also use the language proficiency score for your spouse.
  • Additional five points can be added to the adaptability.
  • Alberta's adaptability points work under the following conditions:

    • If you have a Canadian relative. This could be a Grandparent, a Grandchild, or a parent. You can count Aunt, Uncle, Niece, or Nephew as relatives. However, they must be over 18 years old.
    • Previous work experience in Canada is a plus.
    • Either you or your spouse has studied in Canada.

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