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    British Columbia PNP Points Calculator

    British Columbia PNP started with a new system for immigration called Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS) in January of this year (widely called BC PNP). SIRS is run by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). Since it's a points-based system, applicants are awarded scores based on the data that they provide when creating their profile online

    BC PNP performs draws periodically and the candidates are then invited to submit an application for Province Nomination through various categories of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

    The BC Provincial Nominee Program offers three pathways to becoming permanent residents in B.C. Each of the pathways has different categories you could apply under according to the National Occupational Classification skill level job or student status. It is possible that you do not need previous work experience to apply in certain categories.

Meet the Eligibility Requirements using Eligibility Check using the BC Express Entry Points Calculator

It is easy and simple to get provincial nominations for Alberta. The potential immigrant will be granted the nomination after completing all required paperwork. This will automatically add 600 CRS points to their application and will ultimately guarantee selection in the express entry draws. Once the points are received, the applicant can create their profile and fill in all necessary information.

How the AINP Selects Express Entry Candidates

After receiving a Notification Of Interest (NOI), a letter from Alberta, foreign nationals cannot apply for the Alberta Express Entry stream. The AINP will contact eligible candidates directly through their Express Entry profile.

Only Express Entry candidates who have received an invitation or NOI letter by the AINP are eligible to submit a nomination for provincial nomination under Alberta Express Entry Stream.

  • This British Columbia (BC) immigration points calculator will help you determine your eligibility for the area. The BC Express Entry Points Calculator to assess the likelihood of relocation
  • The score is 120 in the economic factor and 80 points for Human Core Capital which makes the total score 200.
  • There is an option of additional 200 points to be earned for education or job experience within Canada.

What Is the Process for Selecting That Operates with British Columbia Points Calculator?

The scores of applicants are calculated by using the system based on points, known as the 'Skilled Immigrant Register System' (SIRS). The point system is used to determine the eligibility of applicants who are looking for employment opportunities within British Columbia. Candidates get scores according to their qualifications. Every application is entered into an ad-hoc pool of candidates and the authorities issue visas or approve applications of those who score the most (or highest) score.

The nominated or selected candidates are valid for one year on British Columbia (BC) Immigration Points Calculator. The candidates who are interested must create a new profile applying for an immigration visa under the British Columbia PNP after one year. Candidates selected to be considered for the BC nomination also have the opportunity to earn 600 points when they fill out the Canada Express Entry profile. You might be looking for Canada 67 Points Calculator.

What Factors Can Affect Your BC PNP Points?

    Your SIRS is affected by the most important economic factors which are as follows:

  • It is the National Occupational Classification (NOC) levels of skill of the job advertisement within the province. This lets us prioritize occupations that have a high demand.
  • A salary of a year is provided to you. A decent salary will help you to settle in the province.
  • Location of the job.

    Factors that impact your ability to move to British Columbia include your:

  • Experience from a direct work connection.
  • Education level.
  • English language proficiency.

BC PNP reserves the right to amend the SIRS at any time, without prior notice which includes changes in the score grids and as well as the length of time that your entry will remain in the pool of selection in addition to the frequency and number of applicants invited to submit applications for provincial nomination.

British Columbia PNP Points Calculator

The below tool includes the SIRS Calculator. It permits you to evaluate your SIRS scores by answering a few easy questions. The user should be aware that at present the majority of BC PNP immigration categories that are subject to SIRS must require the applicants to agree to an offer of indefinite employment by an employer who is eligible in the province.

What is the Procedure of British Columbia?

The applicant must be in full-time work from a British Columbia employer when you apply to the province. There is no requirement for an employment offer for those who have a degree from British Columbia; otherwise, it's a requirement. Once you have met these criteria applicants must join SIRS and submit an application through BC's online portal. BC website. The SIRS will examine the skills of the applicant and will assign the score. Applications that are accepted by the SIRS will be evaluated for a single year similar to the instance in the pool for express entries. The applicant must make a new profile within one year.

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