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Canada Business Visa

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    Canada Business Visa

    Canada Business Visa allows candidates who plan to visit Canada temporarily to promote trade and conduct business. Canada has one of the leading economies today and is an enormous employment hub for job seekers.

    Canada Business Visa allows entrepreneurs, executives, businesspersons, and professionals to visit Canada for business purposes. The Canadian Government has created various business visas like start-up visas, business persons and business delegations visas, etc.

    With a Canadian Business Visa, Candidates can:

    ➤ Visit Canada for business purposes.

    ➤ Attend trade shows, conferences, workshops, and meetings.

    ➤ Meet clients for new orders

    ➤ Attend training from the company in Canada

    Eligibility criteria of a Canada Business Visa

    ➤ Firstly, Candidates should own a business in their country or the employee of a registered company in a country other than Canada.

    ➤ The candidates should have a reasonable justification to visit Canada.

    ➤ The candidate should have sufficient money to support themselves and their dependents during their stay in Canada.

    ➤ The candidate should have a clean criminal history and provide a police clearance certificate to prove it.

    ➤ The candidate should meet the health criteria of the Government.

    ➤ The candidate needs to provide a formal invitation from the company they work for.

    Canada start-up visa program

    Candidates who are not Canadian citizens and are willing to start a new business in Canada can complete it through Canada's start-up visa program.

    The start-up visa program inspires entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in Canada. Successful candidates can meet with various private companies in Canada and receive funding and assistance to start their businesses.

    Eligibility requirements of visa applications are:

    ➤ The candidate should have proof that their business has the necessary support.

    ➤ The candidate should be able to fulfil all the ownership requirements.

    ➤ The candidate should have proficiency in any of the official languages of Canada (English or French).

    ➤ The candidate should have completed atleast one year of post-secondary education.

    ➤ The candidate should have sufficient funds to settle in Canada and support their dependents.

    ➤ The candidate should clear all the medical and security requirements.

    How to apply for a Canada business visa?

    To apply for a Canada business visa, the candidate should follow several steps:

    ➤ The candidate should prove their eligibility for a Canada Business visa.

    ➤ The candidate should assemble the documents and application forms for the business visa.

    ➤ The candidate should submit the Canada business visa application.

    ➤ After following all the above steps, the candidate should wait for the processing of the visa application and respond to all the additional requests made by the immigration officials.

    ➤ At last, the candidate should send their passport for stamping.

    Documents required for Canada Business Visa

    ➤ Passport & travel history

    ➤ Background documentation

    ➤ Documents from your company

    ➤ Documents to confirm that the candidate will not stay beyond the specified time

    ➤ Complete visa application & consulate fees

    What is the Canada Business Visa processing time?

    The processing time of the Canada Business Visa depends on the Canadian Embassy's workload that the candidate has applied. It can take 1 to 6 weeks to process a Canadian business visa application.

    What is the validity of a Canada business visa?

    Canada business visa is a temporary resident visa and is not valid for more than six months. But the embassy could provide you with a visa for a more extended period, such as 3, 5, or 10 years. The candidate should not stay for a longer period than stated in their application form.

    How can CIC Global Resources help you?

    CIC Global Resources is a dominant immigration consultancy in India known globally for its reliable services. Canadian business visas open doors to the world's one of the leading economies with countless job opportunities. Canada has become an employment hub for skilled persons globally. CIC can help you apply for a Canadian business visa with the help of our experienced and professional team.

    CIC Global Resources can help you with:

    ➤ CIC will help you in handling the documentation work for you.

    ➤ We will help you to create your application package.

    ➤ Fill out all the various forms and applications precisely.

    ➤ We keep updating our clients about their immigration process.

    ➤ We help our clients to complete the visa document checklist.

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