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    Canada Work Permit Visa

    Canada work permit visa is issued to foreign individuals to work in the country for a specific period. It is also referred to as work permit Canada.

    The individuals can apply for the work visa once they’ve got a job offer/employment letter in hand. The employer must be from Canada and must be recognized by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) & Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This allows the rights to the company to hire foreign skilled workers.

    Canada is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world and becoming a great place for people seeking a job abroad. The Canada work permit offers the chance to permanent workers, students, businessmen, temporary workers to have a stable job in Canada. cic gr can assist you with the complete visa process and grabbing a job offer in Canada.

Details About Canada Work Permit Visa

As per the data reports, more than 2 lakh candidates are allowed permits to work in Canada. Hence, it becomes a huge opportunity for foreign workers who look forward to having a better life. Under this work permit visa for Canada, you’re allowed to:

  • Have an employment and the details must be added on the work permit application.
  • Have the capability to bring your dependents.
  • Want to have a stable job with earning in dollars.
  • Want to travel across Canada.
  • Look forward to applying for a PR visa.

Eligibility for Canada Work Permit Visa:

The candidate needs to present proof that they are liable to take up the offer. The person must meet certain eligibility requirements while applying for an open work permit Canada visa.

You need to apply to English. It is ideal for temporary employees, foreign graduates, businessmen, and everyone other who look forward to working in Canada.

Documents Required to Apply for a Canada Work Permit Visa

You need to have the below documents to apply for the work permit Canada from India:

  • A valid passport has a validity of more than 6 months from the arrival date in Canada.
  • Two passport-size photos.
  • All educational and academic certificates.
  • Proof of professional qualifications and working experience.
  • Valid proof of financial security that can cover the expenses during stay in Canada.
  • Medical certificates from registered hospitals.
  • Fees payment receipt for the application.
  • A convincing letter with the confirmation that you would return to the country after their employment is over.
Dependent Work Visa

The dependent work permit visa category allows the family members to immigrate to Canada. You might be allowed to bring the spouse of children to live in Canada as you’re having a stable job here. All you need is an open work permit and employment offer from any company.

The children can pursue their education in educational institutes in Canada. No need to have separate study permits for this. The spouse will also be able to apply for a work permit so that they can live and work in Canada.

Who Is Allowed with an Dependent Visa?

The spouse, children, and family members can be included in the Canadian dependent visa application. The spouse and children can be sponsored by any individual having a job offer in Canada and the parents/grandparents are only sponsored by permanent citizens of the nation.

The sponsors should support and help the family members/relatives for a period of 3 to 10 years. He/she needs to ensure that they remain proper & stable settlement in Canada. Following family members eligibility criteria fall under the dependent work permit visa:

  • Parents and grandparents
  • Dependent children including adopted ones
  • Children who can be adopted (Below 18 years of age)
  • Orphans, unmarried, siblings, nephew
  • Spouse or common-law partners (Above 16 years of age)
  • Relatives residing outside Canada
  • Unmarried children (Younger than 22 years of age)
  • Children who are or have to become a spouse
  • Children who are completely dependent on parents for financial
  • Dependent Visa Application Requirements

    The dependent for Canada visa requires the following set of requirements to sponsor your family members:

    Recorded proof of the financial condition along with the cash flow for the past year. This will prove your financial stability and the condition to help your family.

    The child must be younger than 22 years if you’re looking forward to sponsoring him/her.

    The receiving family member must prove that they can rely on you on a financial basis.

    In case the child is not able to earn money on his/her own, due to any physical or emotional reason, you can sponsor after valid proof.

    The rules are the same for both biological and adopted children.

    You need to present the birth certificate or adoption certificate to prove your relationship.

    In case the child has a certain mental condition or problem, he/she needs to undergo the medical situation. This ensures that if the medical condition is contagious or not.

    If a child has been involved in any sort of criminal past, he/she might be stopped from entering Canada.

    Must-Have Documents Dependents Application

    Below mentioned are some of the documents required for the visa application:

    • Passport with travel history
    • Background check and documentation
    • Partner documentation along with marriage certificate
    • Proofs of relationship.
    • Completed visa application.
    • Consulate fees.
    • How CIC Global Resources Can Help?

      CIC Global Resources is one of the renowned companies offering Canadian immigration and visa consulting services. We have a hard-working team that handles numerous clients on daily basis and helps them with Canada work permit processing time and approval. We have the required knowledge and expertise to be your companion during the entire process. Below mentioned are some of our core services:

      • Full visa application assistance.
      • Support with documentation.
      • Interview process preparation.
      • Frequent follow-ups and updates with the consulate.
      • Assistance with job search in Canada.
      • Prompt consulting services for awareness and possibilities.