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    Why Should You Choose Dubai Work Permit Visa?

    Dubai work visa is a must for every Indian or foreign national who wants to live in UAE for work purposes. If you just want to live in Dubai, a term residence visa is sufficient but if you’ve planned for having a job or business there, a work permit for UAE is mandatory. First, you will need an employer who is willing to hire you. After that, begin the necessary procedures to get your employment visa and work permit in UAE.

    The Dubai work permit comes with certain rules and regulations ensuring to maintain the legal rights of the employees. They make sure that employees don’t have to face any ill behavior or wrong treatment while working in Dubai.

Work Permit Visa Dubai Rules

Both companies and individuals should fulfill certain conditions to begin hiring the employees:

  • The employee must be at least 18 years old.
  • The company should have a valid license for hiring employees.
  • Businesses shouldn’t violate any rules and regulations.
  • The employee abilities must be comprehensive to the culture of the company.

Eligibility Criteria & Documents For Work Permit In Dubai

Any foreign national who has crossed the age of 18 years are allowed to work in UAE. All is required that you must fall under the rules and regulations of MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation). There is no such maximum age limit for getting employment in Dubai. However, for the employees above the age of 65, the company is going to pay higher fees.

The foreign employees can be categorized into the below categories based on their academic skills:

  • Those having a bachelor’s degree.
  • Those having a diploma in any field.
  • Those having a high school diploma.
  • As far as documents are concerned, the below-mentioned ones are mandatory when you decide to have an employment Visa:

  • Original passport with a copy.
  • Passport size photograph as per UAE regulations.
  • Your academic qualifications copies.
  • Medical certificate issued by a government recognized health center in UAE.
  • Previous card and commercial license of the company.
  • Apart from these, you might need a certificate of good conduct issued by the company. The academic qualifications should be authorized by the Dubai embassy or Indian consulate or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How To Get A Work Visa For Dubai?

The employer has to get the work permit visa on your behalf. The MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) has the power of issuing the work permit. Here is the complete application process for a UAE work permit:

  • The application for a work permit is printed by the employer at the Ministry of Labour online portal.
  • Submit the required documents as mentioned above.
  • The ministry will be reviewing the documents and will ask to re-submit the wrong ones. You can correct the mistakes easily.
  • Once the ministry rolls out the approval, the employer can download the same from the ministry website.
  • Once the Dubai work visa for Indians is approved, it can be used as an entry permit in the country. You can enter the UAE based on getting employment in the nation. The work permit is valid for one month and can be extended as well. The individual gets 60 days of stay in Dubai and the employer needs to provide the residence Visa in this period. The Dubai employment visa process starts only after the person has entered the nation.

    How Long Does it Take to Get/Renew Dubai Work Visa?

    Once all the documents are submitted for the work permit visa in Dubai, it requires around five working days for the issue. Renewal of Dubai Visa is also possible. The validity of a residence visa is 1-3 years & can be renewed later as well. It is the responsibility of the employer to renew the UAE work visa within 30 days before the expiration date.

    The renewal process of a Visa is the same as obtaining it the first time. The employer/sponsor needs to apply at the General Directorate of Residency & foreign affairs in the emirate. The renewal of a visa is possible after it expires and must fall within the grace period of the residence visa expiry date.

    Getting a Work Visa for Dubai

    Dubai is among one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. The process of getting a Dubai employment visa is similar to that of any other emirate. The work visa in Dubai includes:

    You can get a job in Dubai. It is valid for UAE tourist visas or online job portals and job fairs.

    The employer can apply for a work permit visa while you can stay in your native country. Once you get the approval, you can easily enter the UAE on the grounds of a work permit visa.

    The employer can arrange the medical checkup and exam and apply for a residence card for employment. The application is submitted at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). However, the limit of applying is 60 days till the work permit is valid.

    The employer can arrange the labor card and emirates Identification card for you.

    Cost of work permit visa Dubai

    The charges for Dubai Visa are similar to as of other UAE emirates. In the majority of the cases, the employer or company has to pay the entire visa fees and work permit costs related to the employee. In some cases, the employee has to bear the charges for the visa charges. The employer can also apply for the renewal of the employment visa with the authority of the sponsor. The Amre center or GDFRA handles the renewal applications for the employees.

    cic gr is a renowned immigration company that can assist with the UAE work permit application and approval process. The company can even assist individuals in searching for the right job/employment in UAE.