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Germany Work Permit

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    Germany Working (Employment) Visa

    Germany is country of hopes not only its native citizens but also for the other nations as well. It is considered to be the land of discoveries and inventions. It is one of the leading world economies and hence a lot of people look forward to get visa and work in Germany. The candidates get a fair chance to enter and work in the nation for 2 years and there is also a possibility of extending the visa as well. The candidate can even apply for the Blue Card or other residence permits.

Long duration stay Germany Work Visa for People of India

Here are some of the long-stay visa types that can be chosen for the people who want to work in Germany:

  • If the candidate has already secured a job offer in Germany.
  • If the candidate is working as a freelancer or planning to set up his own business.
  • If you want to find a job while staying in Germany.
  • If the candidate is an adult and wants to explore the German language/culture.
  • If the young people of other countries have signed a working agreement with Germany.

Who exactly needs a German employment visa?

The citizens can apply for a residence permit and visa for work purposes and enter the nation without a Visa:

  • Israel
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Republic of Korea
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • United States of America
  • All other third-world countries need to have a work permit before traveling to Germany.

Categories Eligible for a Germany Employment Visa application

Every foreign national can apply for a German employment visa with fulfilling the conditions to work in Germany:

  • The candidate must have the high qualifications
  • Special research or technical knowledge is mandatory
  • Applicant must be teaching personnel in specific positions.
  • If candidates are managers and specialists
  • The third world countries have a non-academic qualification that fulfills the conditions mentioned below:
  • The applicant must have a concrete job offer
  • There must be a shortage in the profession in the country for the specific job post.
  • The education must be equivalent to a German degree.
  • Apply for a Germany Work Permit Visa

    Here is the step by step process for a Germany Work Visa as mentioned below:

    • Grab a job offer in Germany
    • Ensure if you need long term visa or short-term only.
    • Find out where do you need to submit the visa application
    • Gather all sorts of documents as per the instructions.
    • Make an appointment for the visa interview
    • Make sure to pay for a German work visa
    • Plan to attend the interview
    • Wait for the response for the application
    • Ensure that all documents are ready
    • You will be needing to submit a lot of documents in order to ensure that the country of residence and your application is suitable as per the German visa requirements.

      Documents required to apply for a Germany work permit

      • 2 completed application forms were printed and signed at the end.
      • 2 passport-sized photos (The requirements must be checked before finalizing the photos)
      • Valid national passport (As per the requirements)
      • Evidence of residence and driver’s license.
      • Mandatory health insurance certificate from the date of employment
      • Compulsory travel insurance at the beginning of employment.
      • Employment contract that offers the details of annual salary and detailed description
      • Contract approved by Federal Employment agency.
      • An updated CV that denotes the academic qualifications and job experience.
      • Proof of academic qualifications, diploma, certificates, Mark-sheets, etc.
      • Cover letter signifying the purpose and duration of the stay.
      • Evidence of no criminal records.
      • Paid via fees
      • Evidence that the information is correct.
      • How to apply for a German work visa?

        The application for a work permit in Germany is to be submitted to the representative body of Germany for visa administration. It could be any of the below-mentioned agencies:

        • Visa Application Center
        • German consulate
        • German embassy
        • The German consulate or embassy can be found located in the neighboring countries if it is not available in your country. The embassy of another country can outsource the visa administration process. If we take a look at the processing time of the German work visa, it may take one to three months from the date of filing the application. The processing time also depends on the current application number and your chances of getting visa approval.

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