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Singapore Work Permit

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    What Is a Singapore Work Permit & How to get one?

    The Singapore work visa is a pass allowing the foreign unskilled worker to get employment. There are a lot of sections booming in the country like manufacturing, construction, services, marine, etc. The work permit comes with the lowest entry eligibility and hence has higher demands. The companies cover levies, bonds, quotas, etc. for every work permit holder. The motive behind this is to save the labor market for a low-level skilled worker.

    Eligibility Requirements of Singapore work permit

    Below mentioned are some of the eligibility criteria(s) of Singapore work permit:

    ➤ The company must have a reliable quota to appoint the work permit holder.

    ➤ Only a few industry sectors can hire work permit labor. The candidate must belong to any of the source countries like Bangladesh, India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.

    ➤ Minimum age of the candidate must be 18 and the maximum age can be 50 years old. Only Malaysian workers get the age relaxation till 58 years on a work permit visa.

    ➤ Security bond is a must for the non-Malaysian work permit holder.

    ➤ Medical insurance of minimum coverage is a must.

    ➤ A pre-employment medical check-up is a must. The foreign worker must pass the medical check to remain fitness clear.

    ➤ Various safety measures are a must for industries.

    Documents required for Singapore work permit status

    Here are the documents list required to apply for the work permit in Singapore:

    ➤ Passport data scanned copy

    ➤ Academic qualifications with certificates

    ➤ A complete consent for application form (With applicant consent)

    There can be a lot of other documents required as well so it would be better to take assistance from an immigration firm like cic gr.

    The process to apply for Singapore Work Permit

    To submit the work permit Singapore application, the candidate can take the help of a third-party company or ask the employer to apply for the visa request by submitting the application. Access to WPOL accounts will be mandatory by the individuals for the application of a work permit. Here is the process to submit the work visa application:

    ➤ Get written proof from the candidate in order to apply for the work permit.

    ➤ Login to WPOL account and upload documents while filling out the application form.

    ➤ Use various payment gateways like MasterCard, Visa, etc. to pay the application fees.

    ➤ Make sure to check the visa application after a duration of one week.

    ➤ As the visa application is approved, you can also log in to WPOL and download IPA confirmation.

    ➤ You can issue the pass from the WPOL portal along with paying the necessary fees. There is also a requirement to move to a collection center in order to have the face to face appointments.

    The candidate needs to have entire medical reports, insurance details, and agreements/bonds to issue a Singapore work visa for Indians.

    Appealing for Singapore Work Permit Rejection

    The Singapore work permit is likely to be rejected if the company is missing the quota or the person is not eligible to work there. The basic skilled worker is allowed to work in Singapore for a duration of 14 years under the work permit policy. A worker needs to be upgraded into a skilled worker.

    You can easily appeal for a work permit by logging in to a work permit online and adding the documents backing up your case. It can take around 3 weeks time to get an appeal. In case you need any help filing an appeal, reach out to cic gr support.

    Process For Renewal for Singapore Work Permit

    The work permit can be renewed 6 or 8 weeks before it gets expired. However, here are the factors to keep in mind while applying for the work permit renewal:

    ➤ The company needs to have the required quota for work permit travel. Various permit calculators are available to check the same.

    ➤ The security bond and medical insurance in extended.

    ➤ The medical test must be still valid or they need to undergo a new medical checkup at any local clinic.

    ➤ You need to have all the documents required for work permit renewal.

    ➤ Copy of passport with at least 2 years validity.

    ➤ Extension of existing medical insurance of the candidate

    ➤ Online work permit renewal application.

    ➤ Address where the work permit can be delivered.

    How can cicgr help with Singapore's work visa for Indians?

    CIC GR is one of the popular names as an immigration consultant and visa expert that have helped numerous professionals in achieving Singapore Work Permit. The individuals have even got the job along with a residence visa. We are the perfect companion.